Cloud Gym and Zoom integrated, allows you to manage your online classes through the Cloud Gym platform, enabling you to stay organized and on top of your clients. All work of event creation on Zoom is done automatically based on your Cloud Gym's class scheduler 


To use this integration with your facility account on Cloud Gym, you will need to:

  • Have an active subscription on Zoom. This can be for hosting meetings, webinars or both.
  • Have an active subscription on Cloud Gym, for your facility.
  • Have a facility owner or a facility admin accounts on Cloud Gym, for your facility.


To install the Zoom's integration on your Cloud Gym's account, please complete the following:

1. Log-in to Cloud Gym with your username and password. You need to have an admin account to configure this integration.

2. Navigate to Settings/Integration on menu.

3. Click on button "New" on the top right comer

4. Click on button "ZOOM" 

1. A new tab will open. It will require you to authorize the integration. Click Authorize to authorize and proceed.

2. Done your account is integrated to Zoom


Cloud Gym integration for Zoom will create events instances on Zoom, synchronized with your class schedule on Cloud Gym, the class register just need to be marked as "Live Stream".

To create an class on Cloud Gym and have it synced:

  • Log-in to Cloud Gym with your username and password. 
  • Navigate to Class/Classes Grid on menu


  • Select an unit if you work with more than one
  • Click on button "new" on left top corner
  • Fill up the form and make sure you have marked this class to be an Live Stream Event

  • Click save and it is done

Now that the new class is posted, it will have its event create on Zoom 3 hours before its start time. This process will occurs automatically for every weekday the class was set.

If you wish to disable a class to do not create Zoom event for while, you just need unmark Live Stream for such class.


A maximum of 100 meetings/webinars can be created per day, this is limited by Zoom.
Exceeding this amount will cause zoom top stop creating your meetings/webinars.

How to uninstall or to deauthorize this integration?

To uninstall the Cloud Gym's integration for Zoom:

  1. Visit to https://marketplace.zoom.us/
  2. Log-in with your user account
  3. Click on “Manage”
  4. Use the Left panel to navigate to “Installed Apps”
  5. Find Cloud Gym on the list and click “Uninstall”

Contact Support

The Cloud Gym Technical Support team can help you with setting up this integration.

Our team is available Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm PST.

You can contact us using the following channels:

  1. The Cloud Gym platform through menu support.
  2. Email us at surpote@cloudgym.com.br
  3. Phone +55 1141050592

SLA Initial and ongoing response time is 1 hour within business hours (9:00 am - 7:00 pm) Monday to Friday